sábado, 19 de noviembre de 2011

The last week, I visited the CENIEH building with some friends who are in my GAREX group. We went with two teachers, Ignacio and Blanca. There were two scientists who showed us the building called Chitina and Alfonso. They were teaching us about our work there during the year for two hours more or less.

They said we were going to work at Alfonso's laboratory. We met other scientists like Carlos who works preparing rocks for their investigation. At his laboratory there were different machines to observe rocks and machines to cut a part of a rock. We could ask a lot of questions about the investigation, sciencists....

For example, we asked Chitina where the rocks came from. She said it came from very defferent places, like Spain, Argelia, Africa....

I think my favourite part was the library, because there were a lot of different investigation books in different languages, like English, Spanish, French.... but the library isn't full, because the CENIEH has been opened for two years.

I loved some different projects, for example, there was one which is going to study the period of the life when the babies drink the mum's milk, comparing between two million years ago and now a days. I think it could be very interesting to investigate it.

I would like to be at one laboratory where they make copies of rocks, bones....
The scientists taught us what their job was about and it was amazing.

When we had finished the visit, we wrote a small paragraph about CENIEH for our blog.
Some people described the visit, other people wrote their favourite part of the visit, and someone made a comment to other paragraph.

All of us are very excited to start working there the next day (22nd November).

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