lunes, 14 de noviembre de 2011

Guided tour with the mentors of the project

Members of CENIEH´S project visited all the CENIEH´s facilities.

We were delighted due to the incredible stuff we saw.

I never thought I could learn so many different things about the topic of Human Evolution in a short period of time as it was.

We learnt not only about the tools and machines which are used there, but also about all the dating methods. At first, all of us
e a little bit lost in this topic, but we started to understand it soon. Our mentors explained us everything related to Human evolution.

We visited the different floors of the building. I was ver pleased when I saw the laboratory full of microscopes. It would be a fantastic chance to work with them.
I am looking forward to going to the CENIEH again. We are coming back next Tuesday.

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